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Methods for Placing an Order

  • In person at our Customer Service Office (7624 Pécs, Endresz György u. 2.)
  • Based on phone consultation: Landline +36 72 215-694,  Mobile +36 30 655-9200
  • Via E-mail
  • Through our website, in the form of an online order

Orders received during the Customer Service Office's opening hours will be confirmed in writing within 3-5 hours on weekdays and within 24 hours on weekends or holidays. If your "written" order is not confirmed within 24 hours, please call our Customer Service Office using our phone contacts.

For online orders, our website's system will send an initial automatic confirmation indicating that your order has been received. This does not serve as a fixed order or actual confirmation! A second message will be sent after the order is processed by our dispatcher, confirming the booking and including the PRELIMINARY PLANNED pickup time in Pécs. For airport pickups, we do not set a planned time; our drivers wait for the incoming flights. This confirmation will be sent via email, signed by the on-duty dispatcher, to the ordering party's email address.

For online orders placed within 72 hours of the planned travel date, we also recommend phone consultation. Due to existing orders and pre-arranged schedules, we may only be able to accept and confirm incoming orders depending on availability.


Travel Organization – Passenger Notification – Passenger Pickup

For trips towards the airport, we send an SMS between 3:00 and 4:00 PM on the day preceding the journey, providing the FINAL pickup time, driver's name, and phone number. If the SMS is undeliverable or the given phone number is unreachable by 4:00 PM on the day before the journey, the responsibility for any inconvenience lies with the ordering party. If the SMS or consultation doesn't occur by the specified time, please call 30/655-9200 for coordination by 5:00 PM on the day preceding the journey.

For the "Minibus" service, we reserve the right to adjust the PRELIMINARILY PLANNED pickup time by up to 1-1.5 hours, informing the customer via SMS or phone call. In extraordinary circumstances, the adjustment may be up to 2 hours. For "Private Transfer" service, only the ordering party or weather-induced road conditions can change the departure time.

For airport arrivals, we wait at the time specified corrected by the continuously checked flight schedules. We don't send SMS or make phone calls for flight arrivals, as these times may change due to the airlines. Our drivers wait for the flight based on the actual arrival time on that day.

For airport arrivals, we wait at the time specified corrected by the continuously checked flight schedules. We don't send SMS or make phone calls for flight arrivals, as these times may change due to the airlines. Our drivers wait for the flight based on the actual arrival time on that day.

If the flight arrival time changes from the pre-arranged time, the customer must notify our customer service at least 24 hours in advance, as we may only be able to provide the service at a different time depending on our existing flight schedules and capacity. Orders can still be canceled more than 24 hours in advance. Within 24 hours, the full price will be invoiced.

The given time for departure/arrival can be freely canceled or modified up to 48 hours before the planned travel time, exclusively over the phone or in person. For changes within 48 hours, the modification must align with the existing transportation plan. Otherwise, a 50% surcharge may apply. However, the Provider does not guarantee that all modification requests received within 48 hours can be fulfilled. In case of cancellation within 48 hours, 50% of the fare will be invoiced. For cancellation within 24 hours, the full fare will be invoiced.


Luggage, Packages, Unusual Items, Animal Transportation

Please specify at the time of ordering if there will be more luggage than the standard amount (1 suitcase+1 hand luggage/person). The surcharge for this is 1,500 Ft/bag. If unannounced excess luggage affects the transportation of other passengers' luggage, the transportation of the extra amount may be denied.

For transporting unusual items (e.g., strollers, bicycles, dogs, etc.), an extra charge of 1,500 Ft will apply. Dogs (only under 15 kg) and cats can only be transported in a crate or pet carrier, under supervision.


Pickup Points

The prices listed in our current price list apply to departures from Pécs, from "meeting points," and to the most common destinations listed. For locations not listed on the "Price Calculator"" page, we will discuss the options and prices with the ordering party in advance. For addresses in Budapest that differ from Liszt Ferenc Airport, a surcharge of 6,500 Ft will apply.


Travel Schedule

The travel time from Pécs to Liszt Ferenc Airport averages around 3 hours, depending on road conditions and season (3.5 hours in winter). The time for passenger pick-up is determined based on this. A 5-10 minute delay can occur when there are multiple pick-up addresses.

Due to the "Minibus" service being a shared system and pickups can occur along the "M6 motorway" and the "Road no. 6", the route is not fixed and cannot be predetermined. The route is always determined based on orders. The pri mary route is the M6 motorway and the secondary is the Road no. 6.

We do not take responsibility for timely arrival at the airport if the pick-up time sent the day before the departure changes by more than 30 minutes due to the customer's delay. We are not responsible for delays due to factors beyond our control, such as road repairs, accidents, or other obstacles. However, we have determined alternative routes to mitigate such exceptional events.

For damages incurred due to verifiable faults during our service, we assume liability. Any complaints related to the packages during our service must be reported to the driver. We will document the reported issue with photos and a record.


Passenger Pickup/Waiting in the Case of Minibus Service

During travel from Budapest to Pécs, there may be waiting times at the airport for passengers using the "Minibus" service arriving on consecutive flights. The service provider is not liable for waiting times caused by flights arriving late or early compared to the predetermined time.

In case the passenger's flight is delayed, and the vehicle cannot wait for the late-arriving passenger after the planned waiting for other passengers, the late-arriving passenger will be informed of the departure time of our next vehicle. Delays may occur in such cases, ranging from one to several hours depending on the time of the late-arriving flight and the departure time of our first morning trip. We are not responsible for flight delays, but late-arriving passengers will be transported home depending on the availability of seats on our next shuttles.

For passengers arriving in Budapest by bus/train, longer waiting times may occur if there are delays in their planned arrival times.


Contact at the Airport

Upon arrival at the airport, our drivers will be waiting with a "Travel4you" sign at the arrival terminals, or they will coordinate the meeting by phone if they are also picking up passengers at another terminal. Please wait near the Currency Exchange Office (Interchange) until the driver arrives. Enable the mobile phone number provided during booking so that our drivers can contact you if needed.


Payment Options

  • At our customer service office in cash or by card
  • By bank transfer to our OTP Bank account (details provided) By bank transfer to our account number 11731001-21103861 held at OTP Bank (in the case of payment by transfer, the total amount of the participation fee must appear in our bank account by 10:00 a.m. on the workday preceding the departure. Orders not settled by bank transfer by the workday preceding the trip can be unilaterally canceled by our company from its system.)
  • During the journey with the driver in cash or by card
  • On our website through online payment / K&H Bank information

Upon payment, our colleagues will issue an e-receipt or e-invoice based on the passenger's request, which will be immediately forwarded to the passenger's email address. Issuing paper-based receipts or invoices is only possible at our customer service office.

The protection of our passengers' personal data is of utmost importance to (Travel4you Minibus Kft) and its partners. The collection and processing of identifiable, personal data during the use of our website comply with the current Hungarian data protection regulations (Act CXII of 2011). We handle our passengers' data confidentially and do not forward it to third parties, except if it is indispensable for the fulfillment of the contract (e.g., postal service, courier service). Our employees, partners, and service providers are obligated to maintain confidentiality towards us.


Child Seats

Child seats are provided for young passengers upon prior agreement. Please indicate this need when booking (child's weight, height, age).


Passenger Liability

Passengers are directly liable for any damages they cause to third parties or to Travel4you Minibus Kft's vehicles during the journey. Passengers must comply with the rules of the journey:

  • They should only travel if their health condition permits it and are not suffering from infectious diseases.
  • Passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to travel in our vehicles, and boarding may be denied for the sake of the other passengers' peace and safety.
  • Sharp objects, firearms, poisonous or corrosive materials are not allowed in the vehicle.
  • Cleaning fees of 5,000 Ft for minor soiling and 15,000 Ft for major soiling are to be covered by the passenger.


Acceptance of Travel Conditions

The service can be used upon acceptance of the above conditions. The customer accepts the travel conditions upon applying for the trip and when placing the order electronically. In case of orders made by phone or at the customer service office, the passenger accepts the travel conditions by paying the participation fee and receiving the invoice/receipt that confirms it. When ordering services for multiple people, the customer also speaks and enters into contracts on behalf of his or her travel companions.