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about us

CTravel4you Minibus Ltd. was inaugurated in 2007 with the exclusive mission to serve the specialized needs of the passenger transportation market. Our solitary operational focus is the provision of superior and dependable passenger transport services. Primarily, our activities are oriented towards the meticulous execution of airport transfers, colloquially known as "Airport Shuttles."

Our operational ethos encompasses commitments to both the consumer and corporate sectors. Our overarching objective is to guarantee exceptional levels of comfort for our clientele, while simultaneously maintaining a standard of service that is unparalleled in our industry.

To actualize this commitment, we adhere to the following operational tenets:
  • Our customer service department is operational seven days a week to meet our passengers' needs.
  • We provide a comprehensive door-to-door service, between residential addresses and Liszt Ferenc International Airport.
  • Our passengers are greeted directly at the airport's arrival terminal, while our vehicles utilize Premium parking facilities to minimize walking distance.
  • Contingency provisions are in place for passengers impacted by delayed flight arrivals, including seating on subsequent available transfer services and logistical reorganization of their travel arrangements.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with credit card payment facilities for convenience.
  • Complimentary wireless internet access is available to passengers throughout the duration of their journey.
  • Should it be necessary, we provide telephonic wake-up calls at a time specified by the passenger.

Subject to pre-arrangement, we are also amenable to providing specialized passenger transportation services diverging from standard airport-related tasks.

In compliance with Regulation 89/1988 (XII.20), the management and drivers of Travel4you Minibus Ltd. possess all requisite permits and certifications essential for Passenger Car Transportation, including:

  • Passenger Car Transport Operator Examination
  • PÁV II Eligibility Examination
  • Passenger Car Transport Provider Professional Certification

Tax Identification Number: 25519914-2-02
Company Registration Number: 02-09-082131

Our fleet is in strict accordance with all legal obligations, featuring vehicles equipped with specialized Passenger Transportation Permits and comprehensive passenger insurance, proportionate to the number of seats available. Annual technical inspections are conducted to meet statutory requirements.

Currently, our operational assets include 15 vehicles and 16 professionally-trained drivers. Our fleet comprises Mercedes minibuses, which are subject to ongoing service oversight.

Our customer service team, comprised of four dedicated professionals, is poised to handle all incoming requests. Inquiries made either telephonically or online are addressed expeditiously, and our customer service remains accessible throughout the week. Messages or emails received are promptly returned, and all orders are meticulously coordinated.

Pricing structures are variable, contingent upon several factors including the timing of reservation, the number of passengers, and the nature of the booking (one-way or round-trip). To facilitate quick and transparent pricing, we have integrated a fare calculator into our official website.

We continuously evaluate customer needs, expectations, and satisfaction levels, shaping our future initiatives and improvements based on the data collected.

We are confident that we can assume the logistical challenges associated with our clients' airport-related travel needs, thereby significantly enhancing their overall travel experience.

Tamás Albert, Managing Director.